Eureka Plywood  is  made up of alternate cores of wood glued  together  with  best quality resin, Chemically  treated wood makes it free from borer & termite attacks. It is a strong plywood because of the property called stiffness. Stiff just means hard to bend.

Specifications :

Eureka Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Plywood

Eureka Plywood is made of high quality core veneers bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. It is then passed through a chemical impregnation treatment under high temperature and vacuum pressure. The result is a high quality ply that can resist boiling water, cold water, climate variations and of course - borer and termite attacks.

It does not delaminate even when immersed in hot water for more than 72 hours. It is therefore ideal for use in hot, humid and moist locations.

Eureka Moisture Resistance (MR) Plywood

It is made of 100% Alternate wood. For manufacturing the plywood, alternate method is used, which includes layers of poplar wood and safeda wood, that makes the plywood more strong & rigid with full core, borer and powder free. For bonding these two layers high quality Resin is used. Due to this resin plywood becomes moisture proof.

It is alternate wood manifactured using full core of poplar & safeda wood,which makes the plywood more strong & rigid.

  • 100% Phenol bonding
  • 72hrs. Boiling waterproof
  • Termite borer & power free
  • Poplar & safeda wood
  • ISI mark
  • Warp free
  • 100% Full core
  • Strong & Rigid.